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September 29, 2018

Sometimes I just love spending time on the app store, hunting for apps that might brighten my day. Few days ago, I stumbled upon Browzzin, which, to be honest, is more than an app - it's an amazing app that gets you addicted. And brightens your days.

Browzzin is the first social and fashion shopping app with AI technology for global fashion lovers to discover endless style inspiration, shop millions of products and even earn money from sharing your outfit looks. There are so many things you can do with Browzzin! It’s the only fashion app you need.
AI technology? Yes, one of my favourite parts. Right after you upload your look, this little wonder simply recognises all the items you're wearing and it's auto suggesting every single piece. That way, uploading you looks and making them shoppable just takes literally one second. Fuss free!

How it works:
It’s very simple! DOWNLOAD THE APP on the iOS app store and create an account – all for free. Now you can start exploring the app at your fingertips. Here are a few cool features in the App:

  • Homepage: Style Stories where you can get up-to-date with the hottest trends right now.
  • Explore: Scroll through unlimited inspirational fashion images from other fashionistas
  • around the world and shop the look instantly. All of these fashion photos are shoppable!
  • Upload: Here is the fun part! Upload your fashion or outfit photos and you can see the app’s
  • cool technology detect similar fashion products for you to tag on your photos before
  • publishing.
  • Shop: No need to say for the shopaholics! Browzzin offers more than 2 million women &
  • mens products to shop from so don’t blame me if you get addicted!

How cool is that? I simply love using this app! I upload my daily looks, that way it's much easier for you guys to shop for items similar to the ones I am wearing and get my look, yaaas! 
As I mentioned, one of my favourite bits is the AI technology which saves me so much time, and of course, being able to shop for the looks I love and discover amazing fashionistas with great style from around the world. Don't worry, the app is super easy to use, and being able to explore so many cool looks is pretty amazing. One of those days when you're feeling uninspired? The app also features the latest trends in a shoppable way, therefore you can simply pick your favourite trend and start buying the coolest items from it.
You have to stay inspired, so why not start here? I am sure you will get as addicted to it as I am. Check out Browzzin on this link HERE. And make sure to get the free app right HERE
Take my advice and sign uo for a free account with Browzzin, it's quick ans easy and you can start HERE. Oh, did I mention you can earn money from it? Yup, every time one of the products you tagged on your look gets sold, it's time to cash in - just make sure to choose the items with the biggest commision, haha. 

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Love this outfit? Find it on Browzzin and get the look instantly. The weekend is here so treat yourself shopping. 💗

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Photo of myself: Annabelle Pacaud
Flatlays: Carla Vadan
Styling and concept: @carlavadan

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