Are You a Sheep? I hope not!

September 02, 2013

Hi everybody,

As you all noticed, we're living strange times these days. The lack of originality and personality seems to taken over the world. More and more people just inspire themselves from others' attitudes, gestures, verbal communication skills, outfits, etc. 
There is this vicious circle - I'm perfectly aware - for example Fashion, it usually goes back to its origins, to past trends, inspiration taken from different historical periods or cultures, Art, different traditions etc. See, we are talking about a complete different approach: this is a beneficial one! Please, DO!
But the other approach, I definitely see it as a negative one.  

Yeah, we'll there's no accounting for taste, I know! But I am terribly amused every time I see
fake twin girls walking down the street. Fake twins meaning they are wearing the
same outfits, (to quote Freud-  narcissism of minor differences), usually the same hair color, 
or blonde-brunette duo, same hairstyle, same lack of personality!
I have a really hard time understanding this. Even the definition of us, as single human beings- INDIVIDUAL- means special, particular. It's hilarious, isn't it?

My advice: Don't be a sheep in a flock, following your shepherd! Be the black sheep, if you really need to be one.

Above are some old illustrations of mine, I chose to create this collages to express the individuality of each of this photos- even there is the same outfit. Those who are smart will understand.


H&M dress and sweater, Il Passo patent leather shoes, vintage handbag.
Photography by Christian Vadan

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