La Vie En Neo-Grunge

July 04, 2016


If you're sick and tired of people wearing black all year long, raise a hand! Ok, ok...I know, black looks classy, it looks great on everyone, it makes you slimmer bla bla. 


It's Summer!

It's the moment you've been waiting for, the moment you've been dreaming about the whole year! Since last year, remember? So go ahead and celebrate!
Celebrate by being bold, by being yourself, by wearing colours, prints, holographic stuff, silver, gold...anything but black!

Why don't you try an all pink look? Well, almost. There are some other colours too otherwise it would be too boring!

Asymmetric clothes? Yes, please. I love grunge (now I'm talking about the alternative rock) so it really inspires me in choosing my outfits. I don't like combing my hair, I hate having a look that's too neat. I don't like matching my shoes to my outfit. I love wearing socks. Men's socks. And that's what makes my style special. That, and perhaps the fact I'm not wearing lots of makeup (I think wearing lots of makeup makes you uglier...yup, uglier; no matter how you look like), or I never have long nails or wearing super high heels (what's the point? I'm already tall). Staying natural it's the key to looking fresh, young and always cool. Haha!

Now that I've told you all my secrets (you wish!), you can go ahead and find something that inspires you and creates your style. When you find out, let me know! I'm curious what you guys love.

Have a wonderful week!


Wearing: Zara Asymmetric Dress, Primark Tee, Asos Socks, Converse Trainers, Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag.
Photos: Christian V.

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