Letter To My Friends

July 25, 2016

Lovely people,

Long gone are the days when we used to play games in the parks near our home, on the streets, everywhere...from climbing trees to imagining the impossible, everything seemed possible. Of course we still have our dreams, where would we be without them?

Being back home, lots of magical memories of childhood days keep flooding my memory: from those hot summer days when my grandad used to take my friends and I to long trips discovering the forests nearby or to those awfully cold but absolutely divine days of winter, when the snow used to cover everything in a thick silver layer of pure magic and we were sledding until night, rushing home with our completely frozen hands and feet to picking up rainbows of colourful flowers during spring...ah, how I miss those days.
Sure we can still do all the above, but the purity of childhood slowly fades away until we have less and less of it. And we need it! By visiting the places we love, the home where we grew up, we can bring that magic back. With a simple incantation. It doesn't require fancy words. You just need to close your eyes. To breathe and to smile. It will all come back. You will start remembering and rejoicing. You will find happiness in everything, your mind will be at peace. You will get your creativity back. Your soul will sing again.

And suddenly,


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