Buy Clothes That Your Friends Hate + SammyDress Review

August 16, 2016

Hey guys,

What's your favourite style? Fashion-wise. I mean, come on...I can't decide. Some days I feel like a vintage queen and the other I'm all about that sports luxe vibe. I love "ruining" my outfits with elements that apparently don't belong there, but I know they do.

When I go shopping with my friends, they always make fun of me when I show them what I'm going to try on / to buy. They say it's horrible, it looks awful, it looks cheap. That's the first phase. And then I try it on. And their expression changes. They're like "Oh wow, I would have never thought of that combination! Looks awesome." That's the second phase.

And that, my friends is having style. I am not modest about it. I have it since childhood, since I can remember. Maybe some of us are born with it. And some just don't care. They say there are other things more important in life. Dooh! Like I don't care about those. I do, but let's not be hypocrites. Everybody cares about the way they look. That's why they go shopping, that's why they invest in clothes and accessories. Even if they're bought second hand, from a charity shop. Even if the  investment  is equal to 2 pounds.
Everybody loves to be loved. Everybody wants to feel appreciated. It's just our human nature. Men and women. And animals. We are all the same. So let's face it. We love being stylish.

Speaking of that, I would like to talk about my recent collaboration with SammyDress. I fell in love with a super sporty mesh jacket and with a pastel pink backpack/bag (it has multiple wearing options) that is basically the much cheaper version of a designer one; so I got those. 
They arrived safely, the package perfectly protected the bag and jacket through their long journey to me, in London. The quality of the products? Excellent. The jacket is absolutely amazing, I love the mesh inserts and the cut-out elbows, looks really tech and can we worn with any outfit. The backpack that can turn into a bag has a lovely chain detail, similar to the designer product I was telling you about before. The colour I chose is powder pink because I just thought it's cute. 
The price is cheap, so don't be fooled to think these items are poor quality. Because they're not. They have a great quality/price ratio.

See for yourselves.

And don't forget to scroll all the way down this post.

An old band t-shirt and a tulle skirt? Make a statement. 

My Carrie Bradshaw moment

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