Style Tips On How To Mix & Match On SheIn

August 19, 2016

Hey guys,

You probably all know about SheIn. And if you don't, all you need to know is they are an online retailer selling cool clothes and accessories inspired by the latest trends at super-affordable prices. So what's not to love?

4 Reasons to shop on SheIn:

1. You get 40% on your first order when you register to their newsletter;
2. There is free shipping on orders over $30 and I'm sure you'll buy more than that;
3. If so, you'll get free express shipping on orders over $99 - that means your parcel will be with you in 3 to 10 working days, depending of course on where you are based;
4. As I said, the clothes and accessories and inspired by the latest trends/ designer pieces, so if you're a fashionista that doesn't want to spend millions, this is your place;

Below, I've created few mood boards for you, inspired by my favourite items on SheIn


from left to right: ruffle sleeve jumper - here
 lace up leggings - here
 tassel waist chain - here
 T-shirt - here
 open back shirt - here

Style Tip: Ok, so even though I'm self-centered I will start sharing some style tips with you. See the  mood board above? You're probably thinking: "how the hell should I wear those together?"
Simple as that: get a paid of nice leggings and add a formal shirt, like the open back one. Then put the jumper on top of the shirt, or just tie it around your waist. Add a precious belt on top of your leggings and you're good to go. Pair this with some Converse. Or, if this sounds too crazy, pair the leggings with a funky t-shirt (the one above if you're a cat lover like me) and make it your gym uniform. 


from left to right: bell sleeve top - here
skinny jeans - here
white embroidered shirt - here
choker set - here
embroidered parka - here

Style Tip: Oversized sleeves are a must. The bigger, the longer, the wider, the more details on them - the better! Slim jeans are not dead, at least not yet. I know oversized palazzo trousers are in, but I suggest you go for skinny jeans if you choose to create volume in the upper part. Especially if you're not ultra skinny. Don't wear a combination that will make you look short and fat. It's not worth it. Not sure about the oversized sleeves? Choose a white shirt. Not a regular one, an embroidered one. Choose a funny message or a funny print, think pop art! If you're brave enough, wear the shirt underneath the bell sleeve top. A white collar always works.
Chokers, chokers, chokers. I've always been in love with velvet, so here you go: six chokers in the colours of autumn, ready to be mixed into your every single outfit. Shirt and a collar? Sure, unbutton a few and let your choker show. Put an oversized embroidered parka on top of it  and you'll turn heads. 

Photo: Pinterest

But attention, a bare face is a must! Add just a bit of mascara and make sure your skin and lips are well-hydrated. And messy hair is a must too. Forget about those braids, they're overrated. 

Take care until next time!

Lots of love,

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