Be Your Best Self

November 20, 2016

don't care about what others say, just be your best self.

I never cared much about other people's opinions about myself. I was chubby for most of my life, until I turned 18 and decided to lose weight. I lost 20kg then which I didn't put back. It wasn't for the others, but for myself. I loved fashion a  lot (still do) and it was frustrating to enter a Zara (or any other shop for that matter) and not being able to fit in their clothes. I was back in Cluj-Napoca back then, not London in case you're wondering how come I wasn't able to buy fashionable plus size clothes. But still, I wouldn't want to wear plus size clothes for my entire life when I could have worn a size 8 or 10. Which I do now. 
This can be inspirational or not. Many of my friends who still are plus size didn't get any inspiration out of this are prefer to pretend they don't care about this aspect. But we are women, so of course we care. The whole point about this little story which is also true is: just be yourself, and be your best self; wear whatever you want, however and wherever you want and stop caring about other people's opinion. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Nobody is perfect. But do whatever it takes for you to feel good with your own self, with your body, with the clothes you wear, with every little detail of your existence. By doing this first, you will be able to feel good with whoever you're interacting with. But start with yourself. It's the first step. Be happy with and about yourself and the rest will follow.

I'm wearing a ZAFUL hoodie with a super soft and cosy fleece lining. I've always had a grey hoodie in my life, I can remember I had one when I was in the primary school, then many of them in highschool and then I sort of forgot about them, but now they're back - bigger and better. The oversized hoodie is my favourite casual item for this winter, it can be dressed up or down, it keeps you warm and just looks really cool. I love pairing it with oversized crystal earrings and a faux fur for that 90's feel. Find the hoodie on this link - HERE.

Photos: Carla & Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan
Wearing: Zara coat and earrings, Zaful hoodie, Missguided leather shorts, New Balance trainers, Calvin Klein tights.

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