3 Pieces, 3 Occasions

December 13, 2016

It's that month of the year when consumerism is at its highest. And I won't deny it. Matter of fact, I'm encouraging it - sales and offers, bring them all, I'm ready! One of the online shopping platforms that I love is StyleWe (If you want to find out more about it, please go to my older posts here and here so I won't repeat myself to those who know what I'm talking about),  so I was browsing their website for half a day to check what's new. I now have around 50 items in my favourites, 10 in my basket...but let's stick to what I actually got.

This time I went for 3 statement pieces:

1. a gorgeously candy floss pink jacket in a cosy wool blend
2. a feminine off-shoulder top in wine red
3. a wrap skirt with funky ruffles, as a requiem for summer

I can assure you the fabrics are all high quality and the pieces look even better in real life. I hope you'll like the way I styled them.

1. the candy floss jacket 

This jacket can be easily mistaken for a giant candy floss - the colour, the texture, even the smell of my perfume - it's all there. Wine red, bubblegum pink and candy floss pink, one of the colour mixes I really love wearing. It gives me energy and makes me feel fresh and active.

2. the off-shoulder top

Such a versatile piece, it ca be worn to almost any occasion - but let's think Christmas this time. Pair it with a black velvet skirt and a pair of jacquard boots and you're all sorted.

3. the wrap skirt with ruffles

Like I said, sometimes I miss summer (even though I love winter); so when I miss summer I buy a summery piece in the middle of the winter and just dream of winning the lottery and moving to Jamaica or any other exotic destination. Ruffles, ribbons and a crop top - my summer dream.

Which one is your favourites? I'm waiting for your comments below :)



Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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