His and Hers - Weekend Essentials

January 29, 2017

HERS - The Choker Dress
Probably one of the most popular dresses these days, the choker dress seems pretty legit after the year of the choker. I mean, the chokers were literally everywhere, in every single colour, form, fabric and shape possible so the choker dress came as the best response to that. You just can't let go of this little choker nostalgia, so here it is: the coolest choker dress I've found. I love its colour, love the shiny silky fabric, love its length and its shape. If you love it too, you can find it on TrendsGal.

 HIS - The Patch Bomber Jacket

The humble bomber got an updated: patches! What patches could be nicer than these NASA ones? This austronat-inspired bomber is... the bomb. Christian loves to wear it with jeans, a neutral beanie and comfy shoes for a weekend full of adventure.

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