Lace, Leather And Fur

January 14, 2017

A casual winter uniform, fit for any occasion (well, almost)? Let's go back to the humble white shirt the good old high-waisted jeans and the faux-fur. Now rewind. 
Let's not go back to the humble white shirt, but rather to the Elizabethan-inspired white shirt. With a black velvet ribbon. And see-through details. Oh, did I mention its buttoned-down back? It's simply gorgeous. I now am a laceophile. Now pair that with a pair of basic, high-waisted slim jeans, a foxy faux-fur and a pair of masculine, western-inspired shoes (I think I have an obsession for the western-inspired shoes, Westworld must've got me brainwashed). It's classy, actual and it's fab. I have my amazing ruffle blouse from Dezzal, get it HERE.

All you need in order to complete the look is a neutral leather bag, with clean lines and as minimalist as possible. This brings the whole outfit into a very actual context. I have mine from Dezzal and I am crazy about it - it's from a brand called Abott Vintage and from the distance it can be easily mistaken for a plastic/paper bag. But it's not! It's well compartmented, it has two pockets inside and you can either wear it on your shoulder or as a handbag, as you wish. And it's hand made. Did you just fall in love with it too? Get yours HERE.

Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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  1. I actually stumbled upon this look in Lookbook and it caught my eye instantly! You look rocking awesome!

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