Pastel Pink To Make The Boys Wink

January 16, 2017

Pink (and its various dreamy shades) has always been one of my fav colours - it gives you such a warm, peaceful feeling and I always have the impression it smells like baby powder - vanilla and rose or perhaps blackberry - a clean, simple and subtle scent which I adore.

You're probably still wondering how to wear pink and not look childish or awkward, but worry no more - try a Wall Street inspired shirt to go with the pink elements of your choice, it has that element of masculinity that brings power and a down-to-Earth, casual note to your outfit. Feminine details on this type of stripy shirt are always welcome, so make sure to choose yours wisely. If you love the awesome shirt that I'm wearing, you can get it from DressLily, over here.

The stirrup leggings are something I've always loved but forgot to wear them in the last 20 years. Thanks God I found them on Asos, otherwise they would have gone into oblivion. This gray and funky pom-pom bag and the velvet shoes complete my look, giving it an artsy twist - which I've always had, I'm an artist after all.

Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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