Welcome, 2017!

January 04, 2017


I know you're gonna be a good one! You're gonna make more dreams come true, you're gonna bring more smiles on our faces, more warmth into our hearts and peace to our minds. I'm not about to brag about that "new year, new me" because we all know that's not true. But a new year will make us look forward, learn from our past mistakes and bring us a fresh start and of course, new goals to follow - and that's pretty amazing.

I love setting new resolutions, making plans and dreaming about how 2017 will be, but the best things that are going to be happen will not be the ones I dream about, but those little surprises life has in store for us. It's like a never ending movie where the possibilities are endless and that again, it's the pure joy of being alive and well. We should all celebrate that!

Being obsessed with velvet, I went for an embroidered velvet backpack from Gamiss which is big enough to fit everything I need with me when going out and small enough to look chic, paired with a faux fur, black jeans and silver sock boots.

Christian is wearing a warm and puffy corduroy jacket from Gamiss which he really loves - both comfortable and versatile - easy to mix into any outfit. The details are really cool, I adore the wooden buttons on it. He paired it with vintage Levi's, a funky sweatshirt and an Asos backpack.

Photos and styling: Carla & Cristian Vadan

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