Boohoo Dress of the Month

March 31, 2017

Who doesn't love Boohoo? I certainly do. So when they approached with this style challenge, I was in from the start. They sent me a surprise dress which I needed to style up in my own way for their dress of the month challenge. I had no idea what kind of dress it would be, if it would be my style or not but I always love having my personal touch on things so here I am.

When I opened the package and saw it - a short, kimono inspired dress with a rich, floral print and a choker detail (it's actually a mix between a cape dress and a kimono, simply adorable!) I knew the perfect occasion where I would wear it - a music festival! Unfortunately my dear Electric Castle festival (taking place in Transylvania, Romania) is few months away, so decided to create my festival outfit right away. This is how I see this dress: glam rock - paired with an oversized leather jacket, black Converse and glam earrings. Either with an up-do or with wild hair. I'm ready for summer.
Let the festivals begin!

Make sure to throw an eye on Boohoo for more amazing dresses!

Styling: Carla Vadan

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