Sunday by the Sea

March 27, 2017

I love the sea. It's like a metaphor for life - it can be unpredictable, wild, agitated or peaceful, calm and simply amazing. I can be however you are when you are there with her. The sea it's a creature itself. And I feel at my best when I'm near her. I feel wild and free, I feel like there are no boundaries, everything is possible and my mind is at ease.

So I try to get to the sea whenever I have the chance, even few hours spent there on a sunny day are life changing for me. It's a magical place.


Wearing: H&M leather dungarees & bomber, Converse trainers, Gamiss velvet backpack, FairySeason lace-up crop top, TIJN sunglasses.
Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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