Hot Summer Days + Zaful's 3rd Anniversary Giveaway

June 19, 2017

One week without any blog post, that means something happened. Well nothing much, I'm alive and well. I recently had a laparoscopy so I'm slowly recovering. Yes, I might look a bit pregnant now but I can assure you I'm not. Yet. It's just a post-op effect and it will hopefully be gone soon. But we do what we gotta do to stay healthy. After all, that's what keeps us alive.

On a happier note, I'm all dressed in Zaful (except the belt of course and the bag) and yeah, because I love them but also because it's their 3rd Anniversary - Happy Birthday my dear, Zaful! You know this means one thing - a giveaway for you! I will put all the details for you at the end of this posts, so keep your eyes open. See, I'm back with good news and fun activities for you, haha!
Without any further ado, scroll all the way down to see what I'm taking about.

It's super hot in London these days so I'm out! Slowly taking some steps outside to enjoy this melting weather, how I love to call it. Gotta love melting in the Sun after 7 months of cold, wind and rain. 🌞

Ciao tutti!


The Details of Zafu'sl 3rd Anniversary blog giveaway

Dear followers, there are some news I would love to share with you, as I told you in the beginning of this post. One of the biggest online fashion shops, Zaful, is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary. 
I've checked out the details about this anniversary giveaway, found it pretty awesome so I would love to share it with you! 
The link to their blog is over HERE, hurry - it ends in 2 days!
Who doesn’t love giveaways? Go to their blog and have a look. I would be very happy if you leave a comment after participating the giveaway. Zaful will choose a couple of winners from June 08 - June 22 every week! Hope you will be one of them!
Follow Zaful Official Wordpress Blog and leaveyour  commment in this format:
@Bloggers’ Name+Followers’ Username+ prefer ‘Activity Name’

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