I've Got Summer On My Mind

June 08, 2017

With July around the corner and all the Romanian festivals going on, I've got nothing but love in my soul. The days are long, warm and colourful. I'm counting down the days 'till going back to my sweet Cluj, my home town, the place I grew up in and were my best memories are kept. I really miss Romania and its beautiful people, places and magical nature...so I start making plans (like we all do) for this summer, pinning places on the map and hoping time will dilate for one month so we can get to fulfil many of our little summer dreams.

There are certain colours that at times define our mood. To me, it mostly happens during summer...I am currently falling deeply in love with dusty shades of blue, yellow, pink. Natural fabrics are everything I crave for - I'm talking about everything from thick cotton to raffia. My inspiration doesn't come from people, it comes from around the world: a fishing net forgotten on a hidden beach in Peacehaven, an Italian-inspired table cover I ate on at a restaurant in Florence few years ago, the shells I found on the beach inSeven Sisters, a fun road trip with Christian, my favourite salmon penne served with white wine sauce back in Cluj.

Allow continue my day dreaming and countdown. Have an awesome end of the week!


Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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