9 Gifts Under $50 for Your BFF

December 12, 2017

With the Christmas around the corner, I start making my wish list for Santa and spend time finding the perfect gifts for family and friends. The whole house smells of pine and cinnamon, there are carols playing all day long and fresh coffee to wake me up from this dreamy state because there's also stuff that needs to be done, right? I just love this time of the year, and to be honest there's no time like these days before Christmas...we even had some snow in London and that almost felt like a dream. In my five years here, I didn't see snow so you can probably imagine the joy inside my heart when I woke up and looked out the window on Sunday. But let's go back to perfect gifts.

To whoever is short with money this time of the year (that would be all of us), fear not! I found some nice presents for your bff that I am pretty sure she will love - they are all under £50, so what are you waiting for? A funky jumper is a classic Christmas gift but hey, we all need something cosy and soft to wear in the winter, so why not? Go for anything that yells "soft and warm" - pretty scarves, corduroy pieces - which are super on trend, socks, furry gloves, etc. You simply can't go wrong and it will also not break the bank.

Or go for pretty accessories only: embellished sunglasses (Gucci-inspired, therefore gorgeous), sparkly brooches or wintery earrings. There are all very affordable and look amazing, make sure to wrap them nicely and that's it, you're done! If you want to invest a little more, go for a Céline - inspired leather bag for just £30 (come on, who doesn't love that?). Make sure to check the Christmas deals for the Christmas shopping online on RoseGal. They will have these deals until after Christmas, so make sure to check their best after Christmas sales later too. I will leave all the direct links below, make sure to check them out. Enjoy!


From left to right: Animal Print Sweater | Cosy Scarf | Corduroy Trousers | Crystal Sunglasses |  Insect Brooch | Earrings | Leather Bag | Socks | Soft Gloves

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