It's Called Monday

April 16, 2018

I'm not even sorry to put it like this, but in the UK you have to plan your whole life and outfits around the weather. Being a "European", it's impossible not to have at least three cities on my weather app: London - Cluj - Rennes (where I lived & studied for two years), therefore comparing the weather prognosis and wanting to cry most of the times. Everywhere seems better!

Yup, you guessed right: the weather is always shit (99.9% of the time). Nope, there is no other way to put it, no other word to describe it. And yes again, this is an ultra boring topic, but my whole life revolves around it. Just ask a Londoner with a day off what are they doing on that day, and the answer will as prompt as possible: "Depending on the weather...". 
I realise that by seeing my Insta feed, blogs and most of the photos I post, you'd believe the opposite, that the weather is great. Well, let me tell you how it works. After frantically checking the weather app for the 1000th time of the day, I realise there's a 40% chance the Sun MIGHT come out in the next 20-30 mins. I put my makeup on, get dressed and run outside to take some photos, so I can share with you my outfits, AKA what I would wear if the weather was normal, with warm spring temperatures and some variety in between. Even though it looks sunny in the pics, it was still 12 degrees. And just to let you know, in London 12 degrees always feel like 8. There's not a chance in the world 12 degrees would feel like 12 degrees. Or like 14. Nope. It always has to be something: either wind or humidity, to make out days more beautiful than they already are. I wasn't freezing but wasn't feeling super cosy and warm either.

It's Monday, the 16th of April, and the weather app set on London looks impeccable: Sun, Sun, Sun. I can even spot some 24 degrees for this Wednesday. Wow! Is it real or has Zuckerberg heard me complaining and hacked my weather app too? I guess we'll find out.
My spring-summer clothes all seem sad, just sleeping in their cosy wardrobe, waiting to steal the light sometime this week. But will they? 

I feel like I am wearing the same mix for the past 8 months: jeans + jumper (eventually a turtleneck) + winter jacket + boots, with very little alternations. The weather just won't allow me. Perhaps Europeans like me, don't see 12 degrees as being the swim-ready weather. So fingers crossed, let's all focus our positive vibes, gratitude, happiness, fitness and wellness towards making London a sunnier, warmer, better place. Let there be global warming in this Sun forsaken city. 

Switching to Cluj-Napoca on my weather app, it makes me want to cry or invent teleportation once more. Too bad quantum mechanics was never my area of expertise. 


I am wearing: vintage suede jacket, vintage belt, Calvin Klein jeans, H&M bag.

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