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May 15, 2018

I might have a small passion for pyjamas. Nope, I hate sleeping in them, but I love wearing them as daywear.

Let's get one thing clear: this is not a pyjama. It's just two separate pieces, happen to work together perfectly. I am not joking. This is another one of the all black looks I love wearing, especially when I feel "I don't have anything to wear". You all know those days - the wardrobe is literally falling appart, yet you have nothing to wear. You have clothes and accessories stashed in every single corner of the house, yet nothing works. We've all been there.

My answer? A refined all-black look with a quirky accessorisation. No matter how snobbish it may sound, it does work better with statement accessories. I prefer branded ones. Perhaps fashion's biggest current obsession is logomania, meaning logos need to be shown at all times. Not that I truly give a damn about logos, but some pieces are sooo damn beautiful I just need them in my life. They can simply elevate any outfit. ANY outfit. My choice is Gucci - since Alessandro Michele is in charge of the creative process, I fell iremediably in love with the brand. Saving and investing in pieces signed by him makes me feel like I'm wearing a piece of art. Not that they are unique, but there's a special feeling to them. The good, the bad and the kitsch, they all reunite under Gucci. It's just endless fun, and that's what I truly love about it. 

I'll drop the links to the (apparent) deux-pieces I'm wearing, make sure you own something similar. It will save you many hours of deciding "what to wear tonight". You can accessorise it as you wish, depending on the occasion of course. Easy breezy.

P.S.: I just loooove the white pipping on the trousers and shirt - the pyjamalesque detail I need for a cool, laid-back look.



P.P.S.: I know many of you have unwanted clothes you have no idea what to do with anymore, therefore I suggest you start an online shop. I am currently selling on eBay and Depop, but in the future I will probably look to sell on my own website. For more information on how to open your own online boutique, visit boutiquesetup.com, it's a super cute site containing all the information you will need. Enjoy!


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