5 Swimsuits To Steal The Show & Zaful's 4th Anniversary

June 12, 2018

What better way to celebrate summer than by wearing coloutful swimsuits and relaxed clothes?

Although the sky is covered with a thick layer of clouds as I am writing these lines and I am wearing my fav cosy cardigan indoors as it's just 16 degrees in London today, summer is in the air. 
No matter the type of body you have, summer is here to be enjoyed by every single body. Get that? I never felt "beach ready" or I never had a super fit body, all toned and looking like straight out the pages of a magazines. Nope. I have a normal body, my BMI indicates a healthy weight, I have some cellulite, some stretch marks, some areas that are not that toned and no matter what I do they are super stubborn to stay that way.
I am not the type of person who would go to the gym 2 times per day, every day, weekends included and avoid everything from sugar to carbs. That's the last thing I would do. We only have one life and if in this life pretending you're super thin and fit just for the sake of it, when you actually make sacrifices every day and orientate all your energy in this direction...OMG, that's one sad life. No, I am not talking about fitness instructors and professional athletes here. I am talking about people with all sorts of addictions. And all addictions are unhealthy, no exception.
To tell you a secret, after trying on hundreds of swimsuit types in my life, I came to one conclusion: it all depends on the swimsuit, more than your body. My love handles will be there and by wearing a swimsuit that's not right for my body type, oh well...I will just look like Frosty the snowman.
This little secret is all about the way your swimsuit is stitched. Yup, seamless swimsuits, like all the above ones I curated specially for you, will make you look a thousand times better. No matter how you look like now. High cut and high waisted bikinis? A biiiig YAAAS! Just have a look at all the influencers that look "perfect". Are they wearing this type of swimsuit or what? I am sure they are. And now so can you.

And because it's Zaful's 4th Anniversary, they have some amazing promotions on most of their products, such as if you buy 1 product you get 10% off, 2 products 20% off, 3 for 30% off and many more. Shop the selected items, the ones that have the pink badge like the polka dot skirt below and you will save a lots of $ on your purchase.

And the surprises on Zaful don't stop here. I have some exclusives codes you can use to bring your total to an even lower amount:

Use code " ZFmiriam " for all order with over 25USD save 3USD ( 1 time limited )
Use code  "ZFmiriam"  for all order with over 50USD save 6USD( 1 time limited )
Use code  "ZFmiriam"  for all order with over 100USD save 12USD ( 1 time limited )
Please note: Each customer could only use each coupon for one time.

Among the surprises, you'll get free shipping wordwide, thousands of products to shop from $5.99, coupons up to $40, there's Zaful 4th Anniversary Carnival (Jun. 18th to 20th), you can check out some YouTube celebrities on Zaful's Anniversary plus enjoy Zaful unconditional refund with quality problems, non-received items or size issue within 24 hours. Conviced? Head out to their website now; you can easily shop my favourites in this blog post by clicking on the link corresponding to the product you love, just below the images.


From left to right: Ruffle Top | Flower Print Wrap Skirt | Cami Dress | Palm Tree Tee | Polka Dot Skirt 

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