For the Witches

October 03, 2018

Another embroidered dress. I can't help it, Metisu has some grogeous dresses! 

The moment I laid my eyes on this dress, I knew I had to have it - there's nothing prettier than colourful floral embroidery on a black canvas - at least that's how I see this dress: ethereal, the black tulle so soft and see-through it almost feels like the air itself took the shape of a dress and magical florals floating around.
This dress makes you feel powerful, confident, almost like a witch. It makes you want to enjoy every single second October has while sipping a hot pumpkin spiced latte. It makes you want to dance under the moonlight. 
That's what I like to call magic: getting intense inspiration from all those little things, letting your imagination flow and being a never falls out of style.


METISU Embroidered Dress - HERE

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Styling and concept: @carlavadan

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