An Eclectic Mix

November 20, 2018

Mixing prints, fabrics and textures has always been  fascinating for me. I was never afraid of kitsch, of "too much" or "what will they say if I wear this". And neither should you be. 

This is what I wore last Sunday: a knitted turtle neck, a cool snakeskin print blazer from SHEIN, cinched with a punk-inspired belt, loose white jeans (a bit hip-hop inspired, I call them my "painter jeans"), a hand made beaded bag, beige ankle boots with chain details aaand a silver necklace over my jumper. Too much? I don't think so.

As long as I feel "myself" in the clothes I put on, nothing else matters. Afterall, I wore a very simple outfit consisting of a jumper, blazer and jeans. Couldn't get any more simple than this. It's just the details I chose which made the difference. Yes, I am talking about the accessories too. But imagine this outfit with a plain black blazer. Boring, huh?

I simply love this blazer. Even though it's not a wintery item, more like late summer (considering the fabric), I love to layer it with warmer pieces, therefore I will be able to wear it no matter the weather. The print looks amazing and I really love its colour: a neutral snakeskin print. It looks amazing against colours, funky mixed with bright colours and sophisticated against light shades. Who else is into snake print these days?

Have an amazing week and stay tuned for my next blog post, it's featuring a super nice and cosy jacket from SHEIN, which I got in the same order as this blazer.



P.S.: enter my code carlavadan20 at checkout for 20% your order at SHEIN.

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