Vintage vs. Vintage-Inspired

January 19, 2019

Even though vintage-inspired dresses are not exactly my cup of tea, many of you wear them and many of you ask me where can you get nice, feminine dresses from that you don't actually see on everybody. Keep on reading.

Even though many praise "vintage" and pretend to wear vintage items...well, they aren't really! If you buy stuff from second-hand shops or charity shops it's not necessarily vintage!
Vintage items are more than 20 years old, in the first place. Vintage items need to speak about the era they were produced in, as in: flared jeans from the 70s, A-line skirts from the 60's, and so on. So now, the River Island top you bought from your favourite second-hand from their last year collection is not vintage. It's simply a second-hand item. A previously worn piece. Whatever you want to call it, but it is NOT vintage. 

Yes, an item can be vintage-inspired, that means it can have some similarities in terms of shape, design or maybe patten with an item belonging to a specific era. Just like the dresses in the above image, which I plan on telling you about.

For those who love vintage but can't afford it or simply want something brand new that has a vintage vibe...and also fits perfectly and you can choose the actual size you need, DressLily is your online shop to go!

Wether you love pin-up styles, or you're nostalgic about the XXth century...well, you can find anything here. I am sure that out of the dresses above you already love at least one! Am I right? Is it the pin-up inspired polka-dot dress in a pastel blue? Or the black one with a velvety polka-dot tulle? Or perhaps you love simple fits, and tartan print. It looks so cool with military boots and punk-inspired accessories.
Some of you are crazy about Bardot dresses, just like the one above with the gingham print. Super feminine dresses which reveal your shoulders and emphasise the waist.
There are floral prints too, and spaghetti straps in shades of peony and raspberry for the girly girls (pair them with black Dr.Martens for a grunge feel) and a Pina Colada: the stripy dress with an exotic print in warm shades of tangerine. Are you now dreaming of summer?
I certainly am.


Second row, left to right: Floral Print Dress | Fruit-Print Dress | Plaid Dress

For more dresses check out DressLily.

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