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March 16, 2019

As much as I wanted to believe it's spring, it isn't yet...therefore I am a bit sad and nostalgic about last summer.

Waking up to a yellow code of wind and/or rain every single day for the past two weeks it's been horrible. Even now, as I'm writing these lines, the tree in front of my house dances in the wind, with the same speed a Ferrari hits the highway. 
This situation hasn't been ideal for any photoshoots, therefore I was forced to photograph most of my latest wardrobe additions at home. In case you're wondering why there are so many indoor shots, the wonderful and ultra-happy UK weather is the reason. Nine months of shit weather per year, two of rain, and one month of warmth and sunshine. Say yes to moving away, where the Sun shines brighter and definitely more often.

Frustration apart, I'll drop the links to my new pieces down below, all the products I am about to present are from, where you can find anything from mini dresses and midi dresses, to cool sweaters, accessories and many more...enjoy!
Hope you're having blue skies today, and at least a tiny bit of sunshine.

Wearing FemmeLuxeFinery Amber Jumper in Khaki. Get it on this link HERE.

Wearing Yasmine Jumpsuit in rust. Get it on this link HERE.

Wearing Hariette Jumpsuit in stone. Get it on this link HERE.

Wearing Hattie Jumpsuit in Rust. Get it on this link HERE

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Styling: @carlavadan

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