3 Summer Looks I'm in Love With

June 18, 2019

Warmer days come upon us and I'm really happy because of it! I can't wait to bask in the summer sun and unwind a little. And I know you feel the same.

SHEIN is my to-go choice for seasonal looks, they have the prettiest pieces at the most affordable prices. And I must say, the quaity of the products never let me down. Some are more Primark, some more Zara, if you know what I mean, but an overall good quality.

Their sizing is always accurate, although I am sometimes in love with something so much I tend to buy it in a bigger size just to make sure it fits me. But if you check out the measurments of each garment in particular, they are pretty accurate. I am usually a size S, unless I prefer something to be oversized, such as a top, blazer or perhaps dress. 
I am mostly please with the length of their short garments too - never showing too much, never too short. And that matters, especially for those of you, who like me, are a bit over 175 cm tall.

I prefer to let the images below do the talk, but I'll leave the links to all the items from SHEIn down here so you can start shopping too. Enjoy!


Ruffle Shorts   ID:708949
Belted Playsuit  ID: 754087
Bardot Dress   ID:722993

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