6 Outfits for 6 Days

July 27, 2019

Summer is finally here and so are my colourful outfits! Prints, textures, colours and a bit of bling is everything I wish for these days.

All these outfits are from SHEIN, one of my fav online shopping platorms, as you probably noticed. I love their affordable and on trend pieces, all in great quality. 
I always prefer dresses and skirts in the summer -  I find them more comfortble and fun during the really hot days, and you can always play around with accessories, making a simple outfit look great by using few little funky elements.

I prepared six different outfits for you, which you can wear in six different days. Summer is here to stay, hopefully for a couple of months, so let's have some fun together!


Yellow Sequin Top -  ID  764207
Floral Cami dress  - ID  713811
Pink Gingham Dress -  ID  726307
Gingham Blazer - ID  767505
Cowl Neck Slip Dress -  ID  747993
Landscape Print Skirt ID  751639

Use my unique discount code Q3carla15 (Extra 15% off any purchase, valid from July 1st- September 30th, only on the US site -https://us.shein.com)


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Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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