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September 10, 2019

Yup, no more vacay - September is here and so are some cute wardrobe additions. 
On my last day of holiday, while still on the French Riviera, I made a new order on SHEIN and got some really beautiful summery garments - little did I know that London was going to greet me the morning I came back with 9 degrees Celsius.

Ok, so the past week it's been quite cold but it's supposed to get a bit more summery over the next few days, which means I can still wear my light clothes with bare legs and see-through details, which I always loved.

The first outfit is all about that funk - a crazy mix of colours, textures, vibes...everything me, all in one. Below, you'll see more refined versions of myself - a gorgeous all-white cotton dress featuring puffy shoulders and sleeves, a provocative corset-shirt in white which I am obsessed with. Too bad I can't wear it all day long, because I definitely would!

Last but not least, to give you a glimpse of British realness, the pleated trousers featuring a pearly belt in a delicious shade of rust...worn with a winter coat. Yup, that's what it is. I can't function being cold so I have to wrap myself up.

Which of these would you wear and why? So curious to read from you in the comment section below 💬



Blue Cardigan - HERE   search ID - 774940
Purple Polka Dot Skirt - HERE  search ID - 777302
Ruffle Hem Dress - HERE search ID -   778631
Bustier Blouse - HERE search ID -   794872
Trousers With Pearl Buckle Belt - HERE search ID -  717601

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