My New Favourite High-Protein Shake - Nutribuddy

October 11, 2019

Let me introduce you to Nutribuddy - Nutribuddy is a delicious shake which is low in calories but high in protein! Exactly what you and I need. Being a vegetarian I don't get enough proteins in my diet, therefore I'm so glad I found out about it!

I love the cute story behind the brand, and I want to share it with you in few words. The founder, Ella, is only 24 and she begun this journey of setting up a brand when she was only 19. She was tired about large corporations that produce healthy products whilst adding artificial additives and who talk about caring for the environment whilst launching new products with single-use plastics or using palm oil. A change was needed and that change is now called Nutribuddy.

The shake which I've been using for the past two weeks is a High-Protein Sculpting Shake made with rice and pea protein, it's vegan-friendly and also contain yummy gluten-free oats - the perfect high-protein meal or snack to accompany our busy lives. It also contains no stabilisers, emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives which most products in its industry use. It does leave an oaty residue in your shaker, which is a sign that it's completely natural and safe! It's also made with naturally-grown ingredients which are free from nasty pesticides and artificial fertilisers. It's quite scary just how many chemicals can be found in so many foods and I am glad this shake doesn't have any. The proof, here are all the ingredients used in this shake: Rice Protein, Gluten-Free Oats, Pea Protein, Stevia, Natural Flavourings, Matcha Green Tea, Hemp Protein Powder, Flax Seed. That's all, how great does that sound? For more info, check out this link - HERE.

I love its taste, it's not too sweet and doesn't taste weird either - you probably know that chemical taste in some protein shakes - this one tastes natural, you can feel both the rice and oats plus a vague taste of strawberries and matcha (that is the flavour I chose). I drank it post workout and I can say it does fill you up for few hours, basically it can easily replace a meal. It does tone you up, I can see that after  2 weeks of using it - of course, you will need to workout in order to see an actual change. This will help, but don't expect to sit on a chair all day every day and miraculously wake up super toned after few weeks. :)

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