BEST OF Black Friday on SHEIN

November 18, 2019

How many winter coat can one have? Let me share my own answer: all of them!

I love changing my coats in winter, just like I love changing my outfits in the summer. Yes, most of the winter coats and truly versatile...but hey, with such good Black Friday deals on SHEIN, who can say no to more gorgeous clothes and of course, coats?
I went for  an oversized camel coat - I am impressed with its quality and for a long, statement faux-fur.

The camel coat is one of my fav this month since it's not incredibly warm either, just perfect for late autumn: you could take something light underneath during the warmer days or a bulky jumper in the coldest of days. There's enough space for a chunky knit so don't worry. The whole look is constructed on neutrals but I felt the need to add a sequin skirt - which is so damn pretty and works amazingly.

The faux fur coat covered in stars is quite stunning too, and warm! Of course it will be the main piece in your outfit, so make sure to keep it on the low if you're shy or go bold with more prints and colours like I did - 80s figure skater vibes.

Which of these two coats is your fav?


Camel Coat - HERE   search 818853
Sequin Skirt - HERE   search 829356
Starry Faux Fur Coat - HERE search  823236

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Styling: @carlavadan

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