Two of My Favourite Looks Ever

November 11, 2019

It's no easy job creating outfits so beautiful and comfortable that you don't feel like changing them ever again, but I managed to do it!

With my last order on SHEIN, I was so in love with every single item I got and the way they all worked together, that I created two different looks, both perfect for autumn and maybe even winter.

In the first look I went for a open-back summer dress in gorgeous red floral print & an oversized vegan leather shirt, both from SHEIN. A summer dress!? Yes, because sometimes I love my summer dresses so much that I even give them a winter-appropriate update. 
It's easy - you can add a pair of thick, matte tights or if the dress is too open (like this one), or add a neutral turtle neck underneath. I went for a creamy beige, to add continuity to my western suede boots, which are in the same colour as the jumper. It's practical and keeps you warm, while also making you happy that you don't ditch your fav dress for the next six months.

The second look, which many of you asked me about and quite a few ladies on the street complimented me, is most definitely, an adorable winter outfit - knits over knits, with a bit of tweed and accents of leather. The trousers, cardigan and oversized jacket are all from SHEIN

I must say this, all the items are great quality - the leather jacket from before also looks fantastic and the faux leather is high quality, same with the knits - all soft and thick, heavy! I am 99% of the time extremely impressed and pleased with the fabrics on SHEIN, most of them could easily compete with the ones used by ZARA, Pull&Bear and other Inditex brands, while 1% is more Primark if you know what I mean. This time when I unboxed them I was wowed. And it's not the first time! Those who know me know I don't say things just for the sake of saying them or because I am gifted by different brands. With me, it's either love or utter dislike. Nothing in between.

Back to the second outfit now - there are the knitted culottes (that's the name of these loose, below the knee trousers that could easily resemble a skirt), a wonderful cardigan which reminds me of my childhood and those amazing winters he had in Transylvania - better than Narnia and then the oversized tweed shirt which I am obsessed with. They all work together so nicely, in the cosiest and softest outfit I ever had. It's also very warm as you can imagine, and I need that because man, the weather in London is so coooold nowadays. Brr! Without further ado, check out the links below in order to 'steal' my looks. Enjoy!


Floral Print Dress - HERE search ID 842269
Vegan Leather Shirt  - HERE search ID 877092
Cable Knit Cardigan  - HERE   search ID 857327
Tweed Coat - HERE search ID 850884
Sweater Pants - HERE  search ID 867093

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