Letterbox Flowers by Haute Florist - An Amazing Concept

January 28, 2020

You know I love all flowers and plants, and I couldn't be happier when I found out about this new great concept called Letterbox Flowers, from one of my favourite florists in London, Haute Florist!

Letterbox flowers is exactly what've you probably imagined: letterbox flowers. 
The prettiest, freshest, flowers delivered through your letterbox via Next Day Delivery. How cool is that?
Mine arrived safely, perfectly packed in a beautiful cardboard box, containing all the instructions on how to care for them, plus a personalised message card. I love the minimalist design of the box, and I am sorry I don't have a photo of it over here, but I know many of you watched my unboxing on Instagram and saw how pretty it was - you can still see it here: https://www.hauteflorist.co.uk/letterbox-flowers/pretty-pastels

The bouquet I got is called Pretty Pastels and to be honest I would have called it "gorgeous pastels". Because it is! It features Thlaspi, Pink Veronica, Pink Carnations and Blush Alstroemeria. 
Find below, in my pictures, an evolution of the bouquet from the moment it arrived and I put it into the vase - I like the fact that you can be the artisan and arrange them how you like, it's so easy when taking the flowers out of a box - to the current moment, when they are all in bloom, still looking very fresh! Buying your flowers ultra fresh, like I always get mine from  Haute Florist, is the secret to a long lasting vase life - more than a week or maybe even two. I hope you like them as much as I do!



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