(An Atypical) SHEIN Valentine's Day

February 10, 2020

To be honest, I don't believe in Valentine's Day per se, and that's because I like to show my love for my other half every day and on every moment spent together. Every day should be Valentine's Day!

Life is short, so why wait for the 14th of February to get your lover some flowers and a box of chocolates or any other gift? Why not simply do it as often as you feel like, just because it's Monday or simply because it's 11:11 AM on a sunny Sunday morning? Why not show your love by preparing him/her breakfast and a coffee on weekends at least?

I believe with all my heart that loving and being loved is the best feeling in the world. And while you might take it for granted, please think about that twice. Tomorrow isn't even guaranteed, as morbid as it sounds it's simply true, so make the most of today and show your love, appreciation, respect and kindness as often as you can. Love makes your world go round, as cheesy as it sounds.




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