Two Dresses and The Perfect Trench Coat

March 23, 2020

I should have made this post a bit earlier, in time for St. Patrick's day, which was on the 17th of March. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my clothes arrived a bit later than expected, as I ordered them later than I thought I here I am now.

As you can see from the clothes I chose, I was expecting warmer weather and a coronavirus-free world, or at least for this virus or whatever it is to slowly start fading away. I was wrong once again.

Even though is nice and sunny in London now that we're being told to minimise our social interactions and stay in more, it's very cold. For that reason I shot these two gorgeous dresses in, but I chose to take a quick walk in the evening wearing my new trench coat. I simply needed some fresh air as my sinuses go crazy if I spend too much time indoor with the heating on all the time.

I hope you like the items I chose this time, I know for sure many of you ladies loved the green & purple dress below when I posted it over on Instagram, so here it is, with its direct link and a discount code you can use. 


Use my unique code SP023
(Extra 15% off, no limitation, valid from March 15th-March 31st 2020)

Broderie Anglaise White Dress - HERE, search  979362
Floral Print Dress - HERE, search 923797
Snakeskin Print Trench Coat - HERE, search 979362

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Photography: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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