Horror vacui

May 01, 2013


I have been busy drawing and gardening a bit today, but in the evening I went for a walk with my awesome photographer and boyfriend, Christian. This is how I dressed, it was such a hot day!
I truly believe flower patterns are a wise choice for a confident and feminine look. They make you radiant, powerful and also mysterious. You could definitely NOT look cheap if you choose your flower pattern wisely.

I am an artist and my art style is defined by the horror vacui (meaning "fear of empty space"), which is the filling of the entire surface of a space or an artwork with detail. I also translate this "little" pleasure into fashion sometimes, but by paying attention to colors. 
Take a look at the character illustrated so you'll get a better idea of what "horror vacui" is.
I have some combinations of colors which I usually hate, like peachy orange and pistachio green, citron yellow and bright violet, too much red & black (cliché) and so on. Having one of these in a decent dose, alright. But these combinations truly give me goosebumps.

But let's go back to my look. I chose an all over flower printed dress and bomber jacket. As you can see, the bomber jacket is all black, but in the light the flowers come out in an elegant manner, so it completes the dress perfectly and it's not TOO much. More is never enough; I know, girls. But keep it fabulous, not cheap.
I hope I've inspired you! I would love to see your all-over printed looks too!

Custom made dress and leather envelope clutch (thanks to Mr. Ioan V. Senior for the clutch), Vero Moda jacquard bomber jacket, vintage belt, Eden booties.

Photos by Christian Vadan

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