June 27, 2013

A magnificent sunset doesn't need to have beautiful colors. The light is expressive enough.

Christian, my love and I.

The magic of light.

Romeo, the super-loved.

Sorry for not posting in these last couple of weeks, but been really busy finding a new home for my boyfriend and I. We found a beautiful place and awesome people in an artsy neighbourhood in Southern London! We really have to thank to Valeria, our super-cool friend for this new place. Thank you, Vale! By the way, check out her Tumblr, she's a talented photographer: http://psychovale.tumblr.com/
I can't describe how happy I am in my new house and neighbourhood- it really is a dream come true.  Today was warm, so it was the perfect time for a shooting. More posts are coming soon.  
Let the Sun shine in your heart and in your mind and don't forget that every dark cloud has a silver lining. I am pretty sure of it! Also, check out my Facebook Photography Page to see some more photos (taken by myself this time): http://www.facebook.com/carlapopa
Enjoy the new post, enjoy your life, enjoy the summer!


Zara dress, Suncoo vest, Converse sneakers, custom made tote by Maria Zvaric.

Photos by Christian Vadan (except some of them which are taken by me.)

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