July 27, 2013

Hi everyone!

Since I haven't posted in a while, I will make a double-post today, a twin-post, a mega-post or however you'd like to call it. The first pictures depict me (dooh!) in my casual outfit for an evening out in the park. Although I felt super-comfortable and confident in my grunge-ish outfit, after walking the streets I started feeling awkward because all eyes were on me. I honestly do not know why, English girls are sometimes very naked I shall say! My shorts weren't THAT short, my sweater wasn't THAT weird. But many drivers decided to honk or to compliment me in an animalic way. Oh, I must say I was holding my boyfriend's hand all this time. Now why do you guys act like orangutans? 
Even though we are used of seeing naked women on front cover of the magazines, half naked women by the pool, almost naked women on TV, naked and half naked women everywhere...we still prefer to act like animals when we see a dressed woman on the street during summer. Honestly, there is a huge difference between these.
Even if we are hyper-familiarized with these images and concepts, seeing something ( in real life) that we tend to believe is similar...drives people crazy. It's like alternative realities, but it's not. 
Some of us (girls) DO NOT get dressed to hook up guys, but get dressed to look good, feel comfortable, make a statement of style or attitude, wear less clothes because it's freakin' hot outside, not waiting for some brave tigers to honk their horns...
My other outfit is an exquisite one, simple but sophisticated as one of my TIW fellow users (spiderbowser) said: "Sophisticated, brave skirt length - and it works, perfect!". Although at 29°C I sworn by myself to never wear a pencil dress ever again during the summer. My legs felt like a sauna.
Take care until next time and make sure you're not paying ANY attention to the orangutans!


First outfit: Levi's shorts, vintage sweater, Eden booties and tote bag from Wilko.
Second: Zara t-shirt, vintage jacquard skirt, vintage necklace, Il Passo shoes, RayBan sunglasses, Chanel vintage handbag.

Photography by Christian Vadan

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