Enjoy Life's Little Blessings. In 13 Steps

August 04, 2013

1. Enjoy the Sun.

2. Take long walks.

3. Colors, colors, colors...more colors, please!

4. Remember, the World is your playground!

5. Enjoy windy days.

6. Feed the birds/ photograph them/ go bird watching!

7. Rest your feet after the long walk.

8. Get your inspiration from Nature's patterns.
9. Enjoy every single moment.

10. Share the moment with friends, even if they are not there.

11. Take hundreds of photos!
12. Look above! Sometimes you'll be surprised. Don't get used of seeing the world from just one angle.
13. Love, love, love.

Hello my dear readers,

I hope you will enjoy this post. Follow at least one step per day, it will sure make your day better!
Smile with your heart, not only with your mouth.


ONLY shirt, vintage skirt, Jonak shoes, Chanel bag.

Photography by Christian Vadan

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  1. Yes I really enjoyed this post. I have read such a nice post in a long time. Thanks Carla for taking some time and sharing the article. You write nice. I'll be waiting for your new post.

    Best wishes,
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  2. Thank you, Marine! I am really glad you enjoyed it!
    I will try to post more often, I've been a little busy lately. :)

    Have an amazing weekend!

    Best wishes,


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