September 11, 2013

Hi everyone,

This weekend was a really nice one as we had our friend Roxi chez nous, look at these lovely photos! Thank you my friend.
Finally, Christian my love, is in the pictures with me! He was the amazing photographer behind all the posts until this one, which of course, is also amazing!

Take it as a style lesson, girls! If you are in a couple, don't let your boyfriend wear terrible clothes. Maybe he hates shopping, maybe he doesn't have time, or money...but that's no excuse! There are plenty of vintage shops, second-hands, car boot sales! Pick some amazing items for him too, a guy always loves looking good! He just doesn't say it!
Or yeah, maybe he loves fashion and being stylish more than you do.

Stay inspired and be creative!


Me: H&M top, KOOKAI leather biker jacket, Cerruti skirt, Chanel bag, Blink studded boots, RayBan sunglasses.
Him: H&M shirt and trousers, IlModo jumper, Nikon backpack, Sector watch, Clarks desert boots.

Photography by Roxana Duma

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