Retrospect London - Vintage Kilo Sale

November 03, 2016

The days are getting shorter and shorter and the nights seem infinite, so I find it difficult to find the perfect timing for taking pics and therefore making new posts. But when I do, I love sharing the coolest stuff with you - first of all, I am super happy to have bought the new iPhone 7 Plus, which takes some amazing photos, even in low light (you will see few below). 

Second of all, I won a voucher from Restrospect London for 2 kilos of free vintage clothes so I couldn't say no! I was super excited to attend the Vintage Kilo Sale last Sunday with Christian, my husband at the Hoxton Arches, London. We bought some gorgeous pieces from over there and I can't wait to share them with you!
But let me tell you a bit more about Retrospect Londonthey are a vintage, retro & designer clothing company. They specialise in high end kilo sales. Retrospect ensures superb quality clothing is available to all at affordable prices. They charge by the kilo which means you can get incredible quality bargains at low prices! And the pieces they sell are truly amazing, the vast majority of them in excellent condition, looking as good as new!

I always wanted a real sheepskin shearling but couldn't find the right one, they are all really expensive and didn't feel comfortable spending so much on a dead animal. Given the fact this one is vintage therefore recycled I wear it with pleasure (the sheep didn't die in vain) and not feel so guilty about it. I found the perfect one at the Kilo Sale and I couldn't be happier. My main piece for this Winter! It's super warm and cosy, and its oversized sleeves allow you to wear a cosy knit underneath for those super cold days.

You probably know I'm crazy for Levi's and I was glad to find these 501's in my size and perfect condition.

Christian went for a leather trench coat, which looks like it was made sur mesure for him. Lucky! He always wanted one of these, it's a classic, yet cool piece to pair with trainers and a jumper - it's timeless and looks fantastic. He looks like one of the characters from Peaky Blinders, haha.

 The third item I bought was this vintage dress which actually looks very modern and Gucci-ish. I love the oversized sleeves, puff shoulders and high neck. Its colour suits my fair skin and it makes me feel like a character from Vermeer's paintings.

If you're in/from London, make sure to attend the next Oxford Vintage Kilo Sale on the 26th of November. More details HERE. See you there!



Photos: Carla & Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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