There Is Beauty In Simplicity

November 22, 2016

there is beauty in simplicity.

Simplicity has always been a keynote for me. I love experimenting with styles, with make up - I'm an artist after all - but simplicity was always there for me. I might try some edgy makeup for a photoshoot, but in real life I barely even wear makeup. I just have my essentials: a hydrating creme, foundation, sometimes blush and eyeliner or mascara, sometimes both - the result is always natural and few can actually see I have makeup on. With clothes, I love sophisticated pieces - but sophisticated in their simplicity: a colour that I love, a fabric that makes me feel good, minimalist pieces ( maybe some fancy statement earrings at times - I admit ). With my hair is the same story - besides washing and hydrating it often, I rarely opt for curling or straightening it (I just hate straight hair in general with few exceptions).


When I found this wrap jumper (which can be easily mistaken for a cosy scarf, or worn like one - why not?)on SammyDress, I knew it was going to be one of my fav pieces to pair with everything from Levi's to tulle skirts. It's so simple yet sophisticated! The fabric is soft, the colour neutral, it's easy to put on; and it's seductive. Bare shoulders and open back has always been something I said yes to. Find this beauty on this link - HERE.

Remember, always tay true to yourself.



Styling & Photos: Carla Vadan
Wearing: Sammydress jumper and choker, vintage Levi's.

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