5 Reasons to Wear Sequins + SammyDress Haul

December 04, 2016

The days are colder and colder and layering seems to be the only smart option. I am recently obsessed with sequins - I would wear a sequin suit if I had one so here is how I'm styling a pair of shiny leggings for a winter day. 

You'd probably say: "Oh no, it's way too much, I would never wear such leggings during the day...they are supposed to be worn in the evening, or for a special event!"

But that's wrong. And here is why:

1. They look funky and can easily transform a simple casual outfit into a fabulous casual outfit.

2. They will brighten up your day and make you smile.

3. Sequins can even keep you warm, think of yourself as a modern warrior. (haha)

4. It feels like a party, every single time you wear them - even if you're actually going to work.

5. You don't need a reason to wear them, just do it!

I'm wearing sequin trousers from SammyDress, get them HERE.

What else did I get from SammyDress?

I got this lovely deliciously wintery jumper for Christian, my husband. It's soft and cosy and I love the colourful print! He loves it too and for that I'm glad. Get yours HERE.

Last but not least, this bag is what the dreams are made of! I love stars and I've always been obsessed by the night sky and mysteries of the Universe, so when I saw it I completely melted. In case you just fell in love with this beauty, buy it HERE. It comes in 3 colours and I'm curious which one is your fav!

Stay warm beautiful people!



Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan
I'm wearing: SammyDress sequin trousers, Zaful jumper, Dezzal coat, Adidas Superstar Rize, beanie bought from eBay.
Cristian is wearing: SammyDress jumper, Asos leather jacket, Primark beanie, H&M Conscious jeans, no name leather boots.

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