Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You

January 11, 2017

 You don't need social approval to be who you are, at the end of the day all you are left with is yourself, therefore your happiness is the most important. Just keep that in mind whenever you feel unsure, whenever you feel like anxiety is going to take over, whenever you feel you might not do this or that because of what the others might think. It simply doesn't matter. 

So dress yourself in happiness and go conquer the world!

Oh and by the way, wear clothes that make you happy. *wink*

I'm wearing a full Zaful outfit, much warmer than it might look. The pink faux fur makes me feel amazing, it has that cosy, fresh feeling to it that makes you believe in your dreams again - you know what I mean? The crisp white jumper has a fleece lining to it, so it's softer than you can imagine and it really keeps you warm, despite the cut-out details (which by the way, I ♡). I paired them with a denim button-up mini in black, to give my look that grunge edge which is my signature. The mini bag is from H&M and it's the most comfortable and perfect little bag I've had in years! Military-inspired boots were a must, so I paired my old Ksubi ones to this #OOTD.


Photos: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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