VIDEO - My Favourites On Yoshop

March 09, 2017

You know I've been telling you about YoShop - oh well, they don't only sell clothes. They have almost everything you can imagine. 

I have recently received my order and decided to do a short video for you so you can see the products better and understand their features. I am super pleased with everything I have received, totally in love with my new Meizu headphones - usually I can't wear headphones for long because they would hurt my ears, but not these ones - they are made from a soft leather and feature a super ergonomic design. What's not to love? I chose the white version because it matches my phone, haha.

Speaking of matchy matchy - I needed an adaptor for my iPhone 7P Plus - it' super annoying you can't charge your phone while listening to music and viceversa - but now I can. Yay! I went for rose gold for a modern, feminine feel.

More rose gold, please! I'm madly, deeply in love with this funky foldable lamp I'm currently using on my desk while drawing or writing, it's so versatile in shape - you can transform it intro a triangle, square and many more shapes - see the video. 

I studied photography for many years and truly love it, so when I saw this ring flash - which comeswith 3 flash diffusers - blue, orange, oyster white and 8 adapter rings - 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm I knew I had to have it!

This one's for Christian, my husband. It's his Apple watch so he wanted a new look for it -  the Milanese Mesh watchband was a brilliant idea. It looks and feels fab!

This natural bamboo phone holder is a cool piece. Really helps when you need to charge your Apple watch or iPhone, it's stable and looks super neat.

Have you found your favourites on Yoshop? I'm so curious!

Photo / Video / Editing: Carla Vadan

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