These Clouds Got Me Fooled

April 22, 2017

I think the weather apps are made by aliens. Because whatever they say seems to be completely inaccurate for planet Earth. Oh well, at least for London. It's dark and gloomy these days, the Sun seems to be playing just in a supporting role, simply making 5-10 mins guests appearances so with these dark clouds around I feel like no matter what I'm wearing it's going to be soon destroyed by rain. There's one solution to that: carry a foldable rain coat that I can throw over whatever I'm wearing.

And today I'm wearing a 2-in-1 dress from Metisu, which is one of my favourites for this summer. I love its two layers - the fabric is summery and there's actually one layer to it, but it's very mell made, with attention to details so it actually looks like there's an asymmetric corset on top of a shirt dress, even though it's not. I might have gone for a size that's a bit big for me (M) but I always feel I'm much bigger than I actually am, so voila.
It's made from 100% cotton and it comes with a stripy belt and some lovely 3D flower details. Black and white, so you can wear it with whatever you want! 
I went for a casual look, with my fuchsia Vans, white fishnet socks, small pink backpack and a bright yellow rain coat (which is foldable, hence the papery texture). 

I might have an obsession with yellow lately. Not because it's this colour of this summer, but because it's a happy, positive colour that brings joy and fun to any outfit.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend, you should do the same! Have a wonderful one ⭑


Photos: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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