How To Wear The Same Item Over And Over Again

May 29, 2017

Remember my last post before this one - I had the same denim cropped top. It looks completely different here, doesn't it? Wearing the same piece over and over again is that easy - you just have to put it into a different context so it doesn't become boring.

Interested? Follow these simple steps: 

✦ use layers - layer your fav item either on top or underneath other pieces
✦ change the colour scheme - add more colour
✦ dare to wear it in new ways you haven't tried before
✦ go with your instinct and be bold
accessorise your look in a new way (hair and makeup included)

I'm a big fan of stripes too - so consider this look my ode to them. Mixing different types of stripes in the same outfit is super fun and I suggest you try it too! If you wish to go for a graphic, aesthetically pleasing look, don't hesitate. All eyes will be on you! But remember, don't go for more than 3 colours in the stripy same outfit - go for 2 to stay on the safe side (black and white are not spectral colours by the way). 


Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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