Prom Night

June 05, 2017

It's June - that means some of you guys will soon have your prom or maybe you already had it. I remember my prom like it was yesterday and I know what I was wearing - a white embroidered mini dress from Zara, a navy and white stripy blazer and a wonderful pair of high heels...nope, I'm messing with you. I wasn't wearing high heels, I was wearing a pair of red Converse high tops. Same brand of shoes I wore for most of my wedding - but those were white. 

My point is...prom is meant to be fun! No one cares how long your legs are or how tall you will be (I'm tall anyway so for me that really doesn't matter). Just go out there, dance and have the best time of your life! It's a moment that you'll keep in your heart forever. For today's post I was inspired by the American prom nights and by the 80's for the dress. This is probably how I would go the prom if I could attend mine again this year -  a baseball cap with a fun brooch, a precious dress, a strange handbag, white socks and a pair of Superstars. I would ride the bike to get to the prom together with my best friends, laughing and singing all the way! 

So if you guys are having your prom, please be yourselves! Don't try to become something you're not, wear sky-high heels and uncomfortable dresses/clothes. Wear whatever you feel 'yourself' in and have the best night of your life so far!




Photo: Christian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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