Let the Weekend Begin

June 30, 2017

Ok, so the wonderful British summer just ended. It lasted for like one, maximum two weeks and now it's back to 20 degrees or less. What can I say? I'm counting down the minutes and seconds to my holiday in July, I can't wait to get sunburnt, to feel like I'm suffocating because of the heath, to have ice-creams and refreshing cocktails, to wear sandals and light clothes, to complain about how hot it is and about not being able to leave the house until evening...all because of the wonderful, much missed heath. 

When I ordered this gorgeous dress from METISU, it was nice and warm, and in the three days it took for it to be with me everything changed. So here I am, wearing my suede boots again, and a long-sleeved top underneath. I also had a leather jacket on but I took it off not to look like I'm in a country where it's always cold, gloomy, windy...eh, horrible weather.

I'm hoping for a sunny, decent weathered weekend so cheers to that!


Photo: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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