How To: Summer Dresses Part III

July 07, 2017

I must admit I love prints. But you already know that. So for today's dress, I went for a lovely off-shoulder dress, in a super-light fabric, with an elasticated waist. It's absolutely adorable and it feels like it would cool you down on a hot summer day (those lemons 🍋though).

Because I don't like elasticated waists, I chose to wear it with my wonderful vintage, studded leather belt and some subtle hoop earrings. You can wear it with espadrilles, sandals...just keep the fabrics natural and the whole feeling summery. A sun hat would also work perfectly.

I am looking forward to wearing this in my holiday and trying a different styling. Until then, I'm off - it's a quiet day so I feel like reading. Have a perfect Friday!


Photo: Cristian Vadan
Styling: Carla Vadan

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