AW17 Ready With Zaful

August 08, 2017

From left to right: Pleated Pink Skirt, Ruffle Shirt, Asymmetric Glasses, White Sneakers

Alright,'s still summer, but the days are slowly getting colder and don't get me started about the nights! You all know I cannot live without shopping, so by checking out the Zaful website one windy night, I found some really cool items I would love to share with you.

I can never buy one piece of clothing - I always have this thing of creating an outfit and accessorising it - and now...OMG, I found tons of gorgeous items with which I created different looks, but I believe these two are the best and easiest for you to love and wear - for any occasion! 

The first look is Gucci inspired -  floral prints, bold colours, frills, ribbons, pleats and bohemian vibes. Girly but powerful and above all, super fun.

The second look is pyjama-inspired or how I love to call it - the updated PJ look. Add a sporty turtleneck under your blazer or kimono for a ultra-modern, chic vibe. The embroidered bag is a must!

💜 Find the direct links in the image description and start shopping. 💛

From left to right: Pyjama-Inspired Trousers, Sporty Turtleneck, Embroidered Bag, Oversized Kimono
For everything from deep purple dresses to the funkiest sunnies, visit Zaful.

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