October 29, 2017

Red, red, red. I want everything red - and I've told you before, not because it's super trendy now - because I truly resonate with it at this time. It brings energy and joy and adds a fun twist to my day.

Oversized sweaters / sweater dress have always been my favourite, but finding one in the right length or having the right amount of "oversizeness" has been difficult. I'm usually wearing oversized sweaters with short skirts or shorts underneath (yay for shorts - in this outfit too) to feel safe and to avoid any weird moments. I suggest you do the same. In case you find my mix impossible to wear as related to weather conditions, I must tell you the UK weather really allows you such combos. Years ago when I was living back home in Romania and checking out Lookbook I was always wondering - man, how do they pull it off? Because generally the weather in Romania is in the extremes - either really warm, either really cold, it rarely has the same feel as I get here, in London...therefore such mixes can be regarded as funny or impossible to pull off. 18°C in the UK lets you do this: wear an oversized jumper with shorts underneath, suede boots and a beanie. It's not really warm, but it's not cold either - sometimes there's the wind too but your legs won't freeze, I can guarantee that. With that being said, I'm off to H&M, it's shopping time! Enjoy!


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Photo: @christianvadan
Styling: @carlavadan

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